Sunday, January 18, 2015


Have you felt like you have struggled to fulfill your purpose in life?

Maybe you are not even sure what that purpose is, or perhaps what you thought was your purpose has not materialized the way you envisioned.

You have perhaps felt like giving up. It seems much easier to just quit, to go back to whatever you were doing before you "heard the call."

The message I have heard from Spirit for this year is...

Don't quit!
This is your year to shine! 

It is time to let go of the struggle. It is time to get off the highway of.. this is hard, and instead, allow yourself to get in the flow of allowing those blessings and opportunities to manifest.

When we feel like it is hard to make something happen, that it is a lot of work, that progress is slow and difficult, then it will be!

Yes, last year it seemed like to me that I worked hard, that everything I tried to manifest came amidst a great deal of work and struggle.

This year, I decided to take a different approach.

I decided that I was just going to allow Spirit to do the work. 

Spirit told me that this year my "theme" for the year was SHINE.

That means, all I have to do is shine my light. I don't have to struggle to make sure that my light gets seen, or noticed. Yes, I have to market, but I don't have to spend hours in front of the computer learning about marketing, struggling to get my messages out there.

When you turn on a light, you don't have to plead with the light to shine. You don't have to cast out the darkness. You just have to flip the switch and trust that the light will shine.

This year, allow yourself to shine.

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Goodbye 2014, Hello 2015

At the beginning of 2014, I connected with Spirit and asked what was my theme going to be this year.. and Spirit replied... grace..

I didn't really understand until a little over half way through the year I was called to my father's bedside as he crossed over to the other side.

This was probably the most difficult month of my life. My mom had passed in 2007, but she had been sick and I anticipated her graduation, and sometimes prayed for it, knowing her pain and suffering. Even though it had been difficult, Dad was worse. He was still relatively active, given his age and health issues. His accident had been a big surprise, and my sister and I were placed in the position of watching him teeter between life and death for two weeks. We were not sure he knew who we were, or if we were making the decisions concerning his care that he would have wanted.

Grace was definitely the correct theme for the year.

Thanks Spirit.

Looking back, the past year for me has been laced with many blessings as well as challenges.

I was blessed to have joined in marriage many couples in Maryland, Virginia, and West Virginia, including my first same sex couple. I am very pleased that our country is finally beginning to recognize that equal rights for all should be a non issue, and guaranteed to all of our citizens, no matter if everyone agrees or not.

I was blessed to meet many new friends and begin to expand my horizons as my husband and I gave our first joint lecture on the compatibility of science and spirit. It has been so refreshing to have the most important man in my life be able to explain scientifically why the "woo woo" stuff I do really works.

I published my second book, Journey to Joy, Confessions of a Born Again Christian Turned Psychic Medium. I had been commissioned by Jesus Himself to write this book, and I had said no for over two years. Some of my friends laugh when I say that I initially said no to Jesus, and that perhaps a better title would have been.... the girl who said no to Jesus and lived to tell about it... and I will admit that He can be very insistent at times.

I have forged many wonderful relationships this year with new clients, students, and colleagues. We all need a circle of people around us who lift us up when we are down and for whom we do the same.

I think it's important to look back on our year with an objective heart and mind, thanking the hard times and the good times for the lessons we learned and the strength we gained from each experience, good or bad.

As we say goodbye to another year and look forward to 2015 with hope and anticipation, my prayer and intention for each of you is that you live up to the person you really are inside and most of all that you see the wonderful soul that you are.

In numerology we are going into an 8 year. I have always loved 8's, but they are not always the easiest of numbers. Yes, eights represent harvest, abundance, new beginnings, and blessings. In the tarot the 8 card is the card of strength:

( image came from my go to online souce: wikipedia)

This card indicates that sometimes we may have to tame a lion in order to seize our blessings. Nothing worth gaining ever comes without some effort. Yes, we can choose to allow our blessings to come flowing towards us like a river, but sometimes this requires some effort on our parts as well, since we are so used to struggling for our blessings.

Might I also mention that my dad passed in August, an 8 month, and the day I was driving to Florida to be by his side was the 8th of August. This did not escape my observation. Oh, I guess it was graduation month for him, but  my sister and I had to really go within ourselves and muster every ounce of strength we had to get through. Sometimes the blessings of the 8 come to us only we are willing to surrender our will to the will of Spirit.

As we get ready to enter a Universal 8 year (2+0+1+5 =8), I am anticipating that, yes, we will enjoy a good year, but that this year will require some taming of lions in order to find the strength that only comes from within ( the 0 in the year). There may have to be some big changes to occur (5) in order to secure new beginnings (1) in our lives and that our primary relationships (2) will also be a focus. This will require much going within and revealing of secrets (also part of the 2 energy.)

As you say goodbye to 2014 and hello to 2015, may you take some time to connect with Spirit and find your theme for the coming year. You will find that at some point in the year you will remember the theme and that within that theme you will find great comfort knowing that Spirit knew before you did what was to occur and gave you hints so that you could prepare.

Many blessings to you as you navigate your path. Thank you for being a part of my life, even if from afar. I pray that my words that I pen here from time to time have blessed you in some way or helped you as you traverse this journey toward joy.

Monday, December 22, 2014

Stories About Dad, Death, and Surrender

I have never really been good at giving messages to myself. Evidently this is a common problem for those who receive messages from Spirit. My very first mentor while I was still hearing messages while in the church was married four times before I met her and she told me once that she never got any warnings from (the Holy)Spirit about any of her choices. I read the same thing in one of Sylvia Brown's books.

In my early days of honing my gift of receiving messages, I heard this saying, "he who prophesies over himself prophesies to a fool." That makes sense. I always get more accurate messages for strangers than people close to me.

There is one exception. The tarot.

When I learned the tarot I was rather excited because I could finally get a message for myself. The cards don't lie.

I don't do readings for myself that often but for a couple of months I had been feeling like there was a huge change on the horizon. The cards agreed with my hunch when I got this card. Yes, you guessed it. The death card.

Now don't worry. As far as I know I am not going to die. Most of the time the death card represents a shift of some sort. It indicates that one's old way of thinking or doing things is about to change. A chapter is ending in order for another one to begin.

According to numerology, we all go through huge shifts at the age of around 28 and then again around the age of 52. As I am about to turn 52, I knew my energy was about to change. So receiving the death card was no huge surprise.

With yesterday's solstice and dark moon indicating an ending to a season in nature, I took some time to connect with Spirit and consciously release any ideas of how I thought my life should play out. For several years now I had a plan. I had been working my plan, and it was all going pretty well.

Then Spirit shook things up a bit. My plans have gotten shifted a bit, and I received a message on how my original plan was completely wiped out and how things were going to change over the next couple of months. At first I was a little disappointed. I liked my original plan. But one thing Spirit told me years ago is that we have to be willing to let go of how we think our lives are going to work out and be open to Spirit changing things. Surrender. Not easy. But if we are to be used by Spirit for the highest and best plan, then we have to be willing to surrender our plans to the plans of Spirit.

I had not felt the need to share until today. I received an email from one of my clients who has become a friend. She found a dead hawk in her barn and wondered if it was significant.


Hawks represent higher thinking and connecting with Spirit in a higher way. They are always present when connecting with Spirit in a higher way is indicated. The fact that it was dead symbolized my original message that it is time to allow our ideas of how our lives and our purpose are going to unfold to die so that Spirit can bring about the highest and best.

As I meditated today Spirit reminded me of a story that I meant to share but never did about something that occurred when my dad passed back in August.

I was sitting by his bedside. He drifted in and out of consciousness for about two weeks or so before he crossed. He couldn't talk and the doctors were not sure if he even knew who we were. I sat faithfully by his bedside, retelling him some of his favorite stories. He loved to talk, and frequently told stories, some of them over and over.

One of the stories he loved to tell was how God had given him my mother as his bride. He said that when he went to God and asked for a wife, God had spoken to him and said to him that he was not to come to Him with any particular person in mind, but instead, he was to come to God empty, and God would fill his desire with the best choice. As I retold the story to my dad, I received the message that we were not to come to God asking for God to heal my dad, for that was coming to Him with a particular outcome in mind. So I had told Dad that I was coming to God empty, and asking for whatever was best for Dad to bring that to pass.

Today the story was brought back to my mind as I meditated and Spirit (God, Goddess whatever your name for the Highest Power will do fine here) reminded me of this story. We have to be willing to let die whatever plans we have in mind for our lives. We have to be willing to lay down the gifts of Spirit and agree to only use them if they are required. We have to be willing to lay down and surrender any ideas of a particular outcome. We have to come to Spirit empty and allow our emptiness to be filled with whatever is for the highest good of everyone concerned.

Have you had a dream or a goal which has yet to manifest? Have you been traveling in a particular direction and for some reason, encountered a detour? Perhaps Spirit is telling you that it is time to surrender your plans to the plans of Spirit. Be okay with whatever the answer is.

Today is a perfect day to surrender your plans to Spirit. Light a candle, say a prayer, whatever has meaning for you. This time of year the story of the Christ Child comes to mind. The soul that was Jesus had to lay down whatever he was doing up in the Other World and come to earth for a higher purpose. Even if you thought that what you  were doing was for a Higher plan, be willing to lay it all down. Be willing to surrender your plans to the plans of Spirit.

Know that everything is going to be all right in the end. If it is not all right, it is not the end. ( I stole that from someone I don't know who.)

Blessings to you as you celebrate this sacred season of death and rebirth. Remember that death of one chapter usually occurs before a new chapter can begin.

This journey through life is filled with detours and changes of direction. We have to be open to releasing our ideas and plans and allowing life to unfold the way it is meant to unfold. 

It is okay to grieve the loss or death for a season, but realize that Spirit always has our best interests at heart. Eventually we will see the higher plan.

If you are at a cross roads and need a message from Spirit, I am always at your service. You can contact me at There are many options available for you to connect with me.

Blessings to you as you navigate this path called life. Don't worry. All who wander are not lost. Maybe the path is just taking you in a different direction than you originally anticipated.

Saturday, December 20, 2014

December 21st Solstice and Dark Moon

We are coming up on the shortest day of the year, the Winter Solstice. I look forward to this day  only because it means that once again we are shifting into a new phase where the days slowly get longer. It is the promise of Spirit that dark mornings and dark evenings will not last forever. It is also the date of the dark moon, although some calendars are listing it the 21st and some are listing it to be on the 22nd. No worries. The energy of darkness is still upon us.

Darkness is not always a bad thing. The darkness of the  moon reminds us to go within ourselves and find the wisdom and the power within ourselves to move forward in our lives. Symbolically the dark moon is all about releasing what no longer serves us or is healthy and nurturing to our souls. The darkness of the solstice also reminds us that this is the time of year when much of nature is sleeping.

I believe that Spirit gives us messages through the activity or non activity of nature. So many times we as humans are constantly on the move. We are racing towards real or imagined goals. We are constantly living in a state of chasing our dreams. Sometimes it feels like those dreams are just beyond our reach, not unlike the carrot that is dangled just beyond the reach of the racing horses. Now truthfully, I don't even know if they still do that dangling carrot thing, I know that I have seen it on television so it seems like a good analogy.

Are you feeling like that horse that is chasing after a carrot that always seems just beyond your reach? You always ALMOST get there. You almost reach a goal, only to see it drift away or, upon finally getting hold of that carrot, you find another obstacle staring you in the face.

May I suggest that you use the energy of this particular solstice and dark moon to just stop chasing that carrot for a season?

Yes, I am suggesting you take inventory of all the things that are working in your life. Look around you and count your blessings. Enjoy family. Eat too much chocolate. Be content with where your life is at this very moment. If you have nothing to be thankful for, then be thankful that you woke up this morning. That you  have breath, and life.

This dark moon is all about releasing and reinventing yourself.

Sometimes you have to release what you have been trying so hard to manifest and just enjoy your life the way it is.

Surrender to Spirit is all about things not having to work out the way you expected that they would.

Just for today, enjoy your life exactly the way it is at this moment. Be kind to yourself. Love those extra pounds you have packed on while being tempted with eggnog and Christmas treats. Love that guy ringing the bell for the Salvation Army that reminds you that some people are worse off than you are this time of year. Love the frost on your windshield. Love the lines at the mall. Take some time and just BE. BE HERE.

Tomorrow is another day.

Friday, December 12, 2014


Are you ready to invite some change into your life?

December to me has always represented a month of new beginnings. It is the month when, for centuries, people have celebrated the birth of a baby. Not just any baby, mind you, but a savior of mankind. Whether or not you subscribe to that belief is really of no consequence. Symbolically this time of  year represents the hope of the human race that something or someone higher than themselves has come down to our human, earthly lives, taken interest on us, and given us the chance at a new beginning.

In my years of receiving messages from the Spirit world, I have learned that Spirit talks to us in symbols. It is easier for the Angels or Higher Beings to send us a message through an image than to send us a message in words. The year I started a new life for myself years ago, I suddenly became obsessed with Anne Gedde, the famous photographer of babies. I bought an Anne Gedde calendar and hung it in my kitchen. I dreamed of babies frequently, or of being pregnant, despite the fact that this was not something I had intended to create in the natural world by any means. The symbol of a baby is a universal symbol of new beginnings. A friend of mine who is getting ready to retire recently told me that she has dreamed of being pregnant or of other women who are pregnant several times recently. This is an easy way for Spirit to tell her that she is about to embark upon a new beginning.

You can take advantage of the energies of December if you want to embark upon a new beginning in your life!

All it takes is a little focus and an intention. What is an intention? It is kind of like a prayer, but it is not necessary that you seek the help of a Higher Power with an intention, although if you want to, you certainly can. With an intention, you are really just connecting with your own Higher Self and your Soul. You are saying to yourself and the Universe that you intend to create something new!

An intention might go something like this:

"I intend to create my perfect career."

Most really good intentions are not too wordy. Seven words or less is best.

Be really willing to allow this intention to come in whatever form is best for your soul at this time. It is easier for Spirit to bring something to you that is for your highest good if you are not too specific in how it manifests.

According to numerology, this particular year, December (12) 2014 is a 10 month or a 1 month, the number of new beginnings. This number can be obtained by adding all the numbers together: 1+2+2+0+1+4 =10. And then again 1+0=1.  If you add today's date: 12 to that equation, you get 13. In the tarot 13 is the death card. Death is not a bad thing, but a card of a final ending of a chapter and the beginning of a new chapter.

As you can see, Spirit is sending us a message universally that this month can be a month of great change and new beginnings! Now if you had a rich aunt who suddenly died and left you a million dollars, but no one told you that the money was yours, you would not benefit from the gift, would you? But the  million dollars is out there, just waiting for you to realize that you are entitled to it. At some point, you  might have to make yourself known to the person who is in charge of settling the aunt's accounts.

The energies of December for new beginnings is like the rich aunt. All you have to do is align yourself with the energies and claim those new beginnings for yourself!

Now let's take the energies one step further.

It seems like every day for a month or more I have just happened to look at the clock every day at exactly 12:12. This has been an indicator to me that a transmission of Higher Energy was headed my way. I have looked forward to today, December 12th, (12-12) since I began to notice the time on the clock, knowing that the Higher Beings were sending me a sign that today was to be a special day of transmission of light, love and higher energy frequencies from the Upper Realms.

So my intention for today is that I will receive a transmission of love and light from the Higher Realms. What if I never take any time to connect with Spirit today? What will happen to my intention?

I think nothing. It is like that million dollars is out there, waiting for me, and I am not accessing my account.

Just for today, take a moment and connect with Source. Ask for your transmission of love and light to manifest in whatever form is best for you at this time in your journey through life. Don't be specific as to how it manifests. Just believe and know that you have received a transmission of love and light.

Notice any subtle changes you may feel. You may notice nothing but other people may notice a change in you. Or maybe something in the physical world will manifest as a gift to you.

Remember to say thank you!

I would love to hear your stories of how and when you received your transmission of love and light today.

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

My New Power Animal the Vulture

A few weeks ago I was out in my driveway getting something out of the back of my car. Suddenly I felt a "whoosh" above my head. I felt a breeze and looked up to see what had just barely missed me. There was a huge expanse of wings and all I saw was black. It was so fast but I knew it was a vulture. A huge magnificent bird, she soon began to circle above my house. Then I looked and saw two of her friends, one circling with her and one sitting on the roof of a neighboring house.

They circled above my house and then above my neighbor's house. When you see one of them circling, you automatically assume there is something dead nearby. Sometimes it is easy to forget how large these birds are! I rarely see one up close and certainly not in my own driveway!

I am one of those people who believes that almost everything is a "sign." My hubby love jokingly said that it was a sign that something was dead nearby. However, I was not convinced. Obviously, vultures represent death and rebirth, but could they have some other meanings as well?

When an animal presents itself to me, either in a dream or in an actual encounter, I like to consult my animal meanings Bible, Animal Speak, by Ted Andrews.

You can find it on Amazon Here

I love this book and refer to it often when I am introduced to a new animal spirit.

Usually, an animal is not your Power Animal just because you have an encounter with one. Sometimes there is a message relating to the qualities of that particular animal. If you have an encounter, which could be a dream, an actual encounter in real life, seeing multiple pictures or syncronistic sightings of the animal, or a combination of the above, then perhaps it is coming into your life as a Power Animal.

A couple of months ago I was in Florida, while my dad transitioned to the other side, and I was in a park when I was able to capture this photo of one really trying to get my attention.

At the time I was not sure what it was, but after my encounter in my driveway, I was sure that it was the same bird. Yes, I was in Florida to be with my dad as he transitioned to the other side, so the sighting of the bird was understandable.

Since the two sightings, I have seen another one relatively close up recently. It looks like she is here in my life for awhile.

A lot of folks find vultures distasteful, as I used to. I didn't really like to think that this bird might be coming in to my life as a Power Animal. One of the meanings of this bird is that of being misunderstood. I can relate to that. 

For now, I welcome this new bird into my life. I welcome any messages.

Have you had an unusual interaction with an animal lately? Or perhaps you have had a dream that you can't get out of your head? Perhaps a Spirit Animal is contacting you!

The most important thing to realize is that your interaction with a Spirit Animal is personal to you. Just because you read a passage in a book or on the internet that says that such and such animal means this or that, does not mean that it means the same thing for you! Yes, I do believe that there are general messages or meanings for animals and if nothing comes to you immediately, I would consult a book or the internet. But the most important meaning is the one that comes to you when you see or experience the animal for yourself. What stands out to you about the interaction or the dream? What was the animal doing? Did you notice anything unusual?

One thing you can do is to contact the animal telepathically. This is easier than it sounds! Get quiet, think about your breathing, then turn your attention to your heart. Think about all the love in your heart. Feel love welling up inside of you! Then imagine a cord of energy carrying this love to the heart of the animal you want to connect with. After sending the animal love, ask if there are any messages for you. If you don't hear anything at first, keep trying! Even if you only feel love coming back from the animal, that is a wonderful thing!

When I tried this method with the aforementioned vulture, the vulture told me her name was Phyllis! I felt female energy and love coming back to me. I don't know why she picked Phyllis for a name, but I am okay with that. Spirit guides don't have to have fancy names. Actually, I have requested of my guides that they choose names I can remember. 

Remember that Spirit Guides come in many different forms. They may look like Angels, people, animals, or even magical creatures! They may just look like columns of light or colors.

Guides will never do things for you that you can do for yourself. But they are happy to help add some "umph" to your prayers and get them going quickly! I always send them along with my letters and packages that I mail and ask for speed and protection! 

Remember to send love and gratitude to any guides that you connect with and maybe even a gift! What can you give a guide? Oh there are lots of ideas! Ask them what they want! I like to give fruit and occasional honey to the critters who live in my yard. Or maybe a donation to the Salvation Army bell ringer.

You could give a gift that the animal you have connected with might enjoy. I think my vulture might enjoy an after Thanksgiving turkey carcass. I just have to figure out where to put it where one might come across it without coming too close to humanity. 

As you can see, there are many creative ways to connect with your Spirit Animal.

Be open to suggestions from your Guides and Spirit Animals. Be thankful. Connect to them with love.

Think outside of the box. Just because you have never thought about animals being messengers from the Spirit world, does not mean that it is not possible. Be open to new ideas.

Anything that comes from a place of love and light is good! 

I would love to hear about your interaction with Spirit Animals! If you need help contacting your Spirit Animal, you can contact me through my website, I look forward to hearing about your encounters!

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Reversing the Effects of Karma

Today I was giving a reading to a client and Spirit gave me this message about karma. I thought that we could all benefit from this suggestion from Spirit so I am sharing it here.

Most of us are aware that there is a balancing of the scales in the spirit world. We know it as "what goes around comes around" or in Biblical terms, the law of sowing and reaping, or in scientific terms, the law of reciprocity. I think it was Einstein who said, " every action is met with an equal and opposite reaction" or something like that. This is known as karma. Anything we do, think, say or feel is a message that we send out into the Universe that at some point comes back to us.

If only those who are looking for justice on behalf of murdered or violated loved ones understood this!

My husband loves to watch those shows that describe how murderers and other violent criminals are brought to judgement, or in some cases, not. The family members and loved ones sometimes spend years and millions of dollars bringing criminals to justice. The law of karma states that this is an inevitable fact: every one will eventually have the payback they deserve. We may not see it happen, but it will occur.

Some people spend a large time of their lives trying to escape justice. Others always feel like they are a victim of circumstances, that justice is never on their side. There is also the field of thought that according to the law of attraction, our beliefs and thoughts bring to us what we think about most.

So what should you do if you seem to always be getting a "raw deal?" Do you sometimes feel like the scales of justice never tilt in  your favor, that as soon as one tragedy is dealt with, there is another one coming right along behind?

Today Spirit suggested to my client that she start a "karma" savings account. She should mark down every time she did something kind for someone else, gave to a charity, or blessed someone or something else in any way. This would be a "deposit" into her karma savings account. Every time she received something from someone else, or was the recipient of charity, she was to make a mark in the "withdrawal" section.

We all know people who are addicted to charity. They cannot function without it, and even come to expect it, and get angry when it is denied to them. What if each time someone was offered charity, they had to do something nice in return? It did not have to cost them money, but perhaps a little of their time, or require some effort on their part? It could be as simple as picking up litter, or helping someone across the street.

If we find ourselves always in the predicament of experiencing lack in some form, Spirit suggests that we open up a "karma" savings account and begin to make regular deposits. This does not have to cost you money! It could be something simple, like letting someone in front of you at the grocery store, or allowing someone to get in front of you in traffic. It could be sending out a prayer of blessing to someone you don't really like. It could be putting extra money in the parking meter, or giving that dollar to the charity of the day at the local grocery store.

Spirit says the amount of the deposit or withdrawal is not a factor, only the amount of entries. If you find yourself a regular recipient of the charity of others or the charity of the state, then you are running on a depleted "karma" account. It is time to balance the scales!

Just for today, do something nice for someone you don't know. It is really good if no one notices what you have done. When you get noticed or congratulated on your acts of charity, they don't count!

Be creative!

Spirit says that as you build up your entries into your karma savings account, Spirit will regularly "pay you back!" It is much better to be paid back by Spirit than whatever it cost you to perform the act of charity in the first place. I believe the Bible states that God pays back a hundredfold!

Contrary to what I was taught in church, I don't believe that God curses you if you don't give a specific amount of money to "Him" or his earthly representatives. I do believe that if your karma account begins to show a deficiency, you will begin to experience challenges in your life. This explains why some people seem to have all the bad luck! Their karma account is operating in the negative! You can reverse this trend!

Okay, it is time to go make a deposit into your karma account!

If you need direction from Spirit, I am always available to help! Check out my website, for information on the various ways I can connect to Spirit for you, or find the dates and times where you can meet with me in person!

Blessings to you as you navigate your path through this lifetime!