Monday, October 12, 2015

New Moon in Libra and Breaking Curses

Here on the east coast we will be experiencing the new moon in Libra at precisely 8:06 pm.

In previous blogs I  have expressed my preference in calling the moon when it is completely dark the dark moon, and that first little sliver of moon you see perhaps the next night the new moon, but I am in the minority.

I like to think about the phases of the moon as being symbolic of our lives. When the moon is waning from full to dark, it is time to think about releasing things from your lives.

I received an email from someone this week who was interested in breaking a curse. Do I believe in curses? I believe in the power of the spoken word, so in a sense, I guess you could say yes. I believe in the power of intention, in the power of belief, and in the power of vows. I believe that sometimes generational tendencies are passed down from our ancestors that may need to be broken. The dark moon is the perfect time to break these.

Rituals are powerful because of our belief in them. They are also powerful if they have been performed in the past by others. It is like the difference between cutting a path through the woods with a machete, or traveling down a paved highway. If many have traveled the path before, or performed the ritual before, it has more power. If we believe it will work then it will. Our belief is everything.

If someone has spoken out in gossip, in contempt, or with the intention of harming you in some way, I believe it is possible that you may suffer the effects of those words. Your vibration will determine to what extreme you will experience the effects of said curse. However, by keeping your vibration high, by speaking out and breaking the power of any words spoken against you (or words you have thought or spoken out against yourself) you can break any power words have against you.

The dark moon is the perfect time to do this! The great thing is that any ritual that means something to you will work, but I am giving you some suggestions here.

To release something out of your life and to add the power of the dark moon to your ritual, you will need to perform it sometime before or exactly at the time of the dark moon. After that, the moon will begin to wax, and you will need to be thinking about what you want to bring into your life. It is perfect if you release what you want to get rid of right before the time of the dark moon, and then add in light and love to the places in your energy field that were affected right after.

Of course make the words you speak your own. I like to incorporate the directions and numbers into my ritual so I like to walk counterclockwise in a circle nine times (the number of completion) while speaking out something like this:

Say aloud.. I now break any curses spoken or intended for me. I release to the light any and all vows, beliefs and intentions, whether conscious or unconscious from this lifetime and any previous or simultaneous lifetimes in other dimensions or this one. I send love and light to all souls which participated in these curses and release them with love from any karma related to these curses or intentions. I now declare any and all curses to be broken and released to the light.  Blessed be.

I like to invite the Angels and Beings of Love and Light into my rituals. You can ask your Highest Self, your Soul, or whomever you call on that is your Higher Power to be there with you to give power to your ritual. This ritual crosses over any belief system and will work with whatever belief system you call your own.

Those of us who walk around in the light sometimes devalue those who seem to suffer from bad luck or "curses" and claim that curses only exist if we believe in them. However, I believe that words, thoughts and intentions do have power and we do have the power to break anything that is affecting us in our day to day life. 

Even if you do not believe you are the victim of a curse, this ritual can help you. Change the words and release vows, beliefs, intentions, and tendencies that are no longer for your highest good. Do this before the actual time of the dark moon and then after the dark moon bring in love and light into your energy field and focus on the emotions of love and joy. Visualize the healing emotions as an elixer that is healing all of the wounded areas of your thoughts, emotions, and physical body.

Go away from this powerful ritual knowing that you are healed and that a new day has dawned in your life! Keep your vibration high by focusing on love and joy. Love yourself and love others. Love the ones who you may believe have bestowed the curse or bad intentions on you.

Love rules all.

Blessed be.

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Prayers to a Hurricane

My dad was a champion prayer warrior. His specialty was praying away hurricanes and detrimental weather conditions. I saw him more than one time speak to a storm and then subsequently watch the storm calm down or even disappear. Hurricanes changed courses. I remember one time he came to visit and the first four days he was in Virginia from his home inFlorida it rained every day. Now he didn't just pray away rain because it infringed on his plans. Normally he prayed away storms that were going to cause great loss or damage. However, this time he had had enough. He spoke to the heavy downpours and told the rain to cease. Within a few hours the sun was shining and we went about our visit. About two weeks later I had to call him to ask him to call off his declaration because it hadn't rained since he prayed that day. He did and it rained that very day.

We on the east coast are facing a hurricane. I was thinking about dad yesterday, who would have been praying away the hurricane. At his death bed I had told his soul that I would take up his mantle of praying away storms. However, my belief system is a little different than dad's. I believe that we are in a dance with the Spirit of the Earth and that everything has consciousness. When the course of one thing on earth changes, everything is affected. I don't presume to know the highest and best good, even though I would think that the highest and best would be that the hurricane go out to sea and harm no one.

I also believe that everything has a soul and consciousness. I have learned how to communicate with plants, animals, nature, and spirits by connecting with the love in my heart and Highest Self and then sending a stream of love and light to the soul of that with which I want to communicate. The highest and best thing we can do is to connect with the love in our soul and then shine that love outward into our world.

Yesterday there was a break in the rain and I was able to go out for my run. While I was running I connected with the soul of this hurricane and sent it love. I asked for mercy and that the storm would affect us all in a way that was the highest and best for everything and everyone concerned. It is not how my dad would have handled it and I am not sure he was in agreement with my technique. One of my dad's stipulations in his prayers was that the prayer of agreement made our prayers more powerful. Sometimes he would call me and ask me to agree with him when he prayed over storms and other important happenings.

I felt it would be great to put it out to all of you who read my blogs to connect with your Highest Self and whatever Highest Source that you communicate with. Connecting with the love in your soul automatically connects you to the Highest Powers. Send a beam of love to Hurricane Joaquin and ask for mercy. Ask that the highest and best come to pass and that the least harm come to the inhabitants of the Earth. Here is a possible prayer to say:

Hurricane Joaquin, I send you love from my heart. I honor your soul and your spirit and ask for mercy. I ask for the highest and best to occur from you and that the least possible damage come from your chosen path. If it is agreeable to you, I ask that you change course and head out to sea. WE all as a group send you love and ask for mercy.

And so it is.

Saturday, September 5, 2015

Message from an Out of Practice Blogger

Since 2009 I have been sharing messages from the Spirit world via my blog. Sometimes the messages came directly from my Guides, Angels, Higher Beings of Love and Light, or Whoever was talking to me. Sometimes the messages were just my own thoughts inspired by Spirit.

Lately life has gotten in the way of my blogging.

This does not mean I have not been tuning into Spirit or that Spirit has not been talking to me.

Last year I took a part time position at my long time career as a clerk at the Post Office. This was to facilitate my "other" work. I began to supplement my income with weddings, readings, classes, and events. It was going very well. Except for one thing.

I was exhausted.

I was getting up at 5 am Monday through Friday, going to work for six hours at the Post Office, then in the afternoon I saw clients, marketed myself, prepared for classes I was teaching and wrote wedding ceremonies for the weddings I performed mostly on the weekends. On the weekends I taught classes, did events and weddings.

At the beginning of this year I took a position at the Post Office which would allow me to sleep a little longer in the morning. It was a full time position, so I had the intention of postponing all my "other" stuff until I retired. I finished up the series of classes I had already started, performed the weddings I had already booked, and discontinued most of my marketing and advertising. Guess what.

Spirit did not need me to advertise my services apparently.

When I told Spirit I was done "putting myself out there" and that I would only take clients that "They" sent me, the doors seem to swing wide open.

People found me.

As a result, this year I have had to schedule time to spend with family, grandkids, and myself.

My blog has suffered. I barely have time to check my emails in the morning before heading out to work. I glance at them at lunch and in the evening. I check my social media. I have shared lots of inspirational quotes and blogs written by others because I have been too busy to write any blogs myself or create any posters containing my own quotes.

I love the work I do for Spirit. I love reading for people, connecting with clients Spirit Guides and loved ones on the other side. I love finding lost pieces of clients souls through the Shamanic practice of soul retrieval. I love joining couples in marriage. I love teaching classes on psychic development and shamanic practices.

If I am not posting on social media and writing blogs with messages from the Spirit world, don't assume I have quit or am no longer connecting to Spirit.

Here is the message in this long and maybe too detailed description of my life this year.

Sometimes our plans are not Spirit's plans.

Sometimes we feel that our career and our spiritual work should be one and the same. I have met so many people who want to earn a living doing their spiritual work and YES I love this idea. However, a lot of people who I meet at the Post Office I would never meet in a session in my living room or on the phone or via Skype. They could not pay for a reading, or a Reiki session. Maybe all they need is for someone to help them find a missing piece of mail. Maybe all they need is for me to send them love and light while talking to them during a routine call to the Post Office. I always start the day by asking for love and light to go through the phone lines to anyone who I talk to and for love and light to go ahead of me to anyone I interact with while performing my duties at the Post Office.

When I told Spirit, and I tell Spirit this all the time, that I want to be of service, I do not qualify that statement with, I want to be of service giving readings, teaching classes or doing soul retrievals. I say, I want to be of service.

When I surrendered to Spirit the how and the when and all the other details, life has opened up so many doors for me.

I am very grateful to Spirit for the opportunity to spread love and light to those who would never come into contact with love and light under any other circumstance.

At some point maybe I will shed my Post Office career for a full time position doing readings and soul retrievals. This has not yet occurred.

So when I get up in the morning now for my before work run, I am sending love and light to the inhabitants of the houses I pass, to the critters who are out and about in the early morning hours, and to every person I will interact with during the day. I am sending love and light to the hurricanes that are forming out in the Pacific, to the people who will find themselves on the news, to the political candidates, and to you, the reader of my blog.

May you find love and joy today and have an experience that allows you to feel the presence of Spirit.

May you find the answer to a question you have asked of the Spirit world.

May you love every cell in  your body and release anything that is not love.

May you find the freedom in standing in your own power and embracing the power that is YOU.

And may you find love outside of  yourself by first finding love within yourself.

Yes I am planning some classes in the fall. I am always available for phone consultations and also in person. You can contact me HERE.

Love and Light and JOY to you, right now in this moment and in all the moments to come.

Friday, July 3, 2015

Independence Day!

Tomorrow is the day we celebrate Independence. But are we independent?

Originally we were under the control of England, and living a life under the cover of a country miles across the ocean became difficult. We secured our independence, but then a certain class of people found themselves the lords over another class of people. Even though our forefathers declared that we were all created equal, what they really meant was that all the white men were created equal. Those of other colors or other genders were not included.

Over the years portions of our population have found it necessary to remind other portions of our population that yes, we are created equal, and we all deserve equal treatment under the law. Sometimes it has been necessary to fight for these rights.

This blog is not about politics, believe it or not.

No matter what your beliefs are, or where you stand on equal rights for all citizens, I am here to declare that the one that keeps us enslaved more than any one else is ourself! Our own thoughts hold us captive. Even if the law declares that we are equal, if we feel that we are a victim, we will experience our lives as a victim. We will notice circumstances that appear to reinforce our belief.

I have found myself constantly fighting an underlying belief that those of other belief systems have a dim view of what I do, and may be sending energy (or prayers) my way that is not in line with my highest expression of my soul.

It is time that we woke up and realized that the only one holding us back from experiencing the highest expression of our souls is ourselves.

Let us take this Independence Day to declare INDEPENDENCE from limited thinking!

We are light. We are the creators of our destiny. It is up to us to declare our intentions for how we want to live our lives!

Let us not limit Spirit when we declare into the realm of Spirit our intentions.

For example.

I have a client who recently declared independence from a marriage that was once delightful but had ceased to be so. She had relocated, and, as expected, found herself having good days and bad days.  She had decided to buy a house and was right on the verge of closing when an unexpected hiccup showed up to halt or at least postpone the closing. She had already hired movers. She had already given notice at her current location. She was distraught!

She came to me to find out the best plan of action.

We decided to do a Full Moon ritual calling in the best solution. Knowing that this was the house she wanted to live in, we wrote the address on a piece of paper and placed it in the middle of the floor. We danced around the piece of paper, declaring to the Universe that we were calling in for her this house, without expectation of how this was to occur. We beat our drums and rattled our intentions to the Universe, the same way Joshua led the Isrealites around the city of Jericho when they claimed it as their own. Now I am not advocating displacing another group of people so you can have what is theirs, but the ritual worked for them and has worked for me numerous times to secure something I wanted, as long as it did not interfere with or cause harm to anyone else in the process!

The next day she called and was ecstatic!

The owners and her had worked out a solution and she was moving forward with moving in to the house!

She declared her independence from limited thinking! She allowed Spirit to work out a solution to a perceived limitation from her living her life in the house of her dreams!

Today, declare your independence from limited thinking!

Allow Spirit to find solutions to problems that are keeping you living a life that is less than spectacular.

Celebrate your independence from anything that is stealing  your joy or keeping you from living a life of peace and abundance!

As our forefathers declared, we have been given the inalienable right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness!

If you desire help in manifesting your best life or direction from spirit in manifesting your heart's desires, please feel free to contact me here. Life is meant to be enjoyed!

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Questions and Answers About Soul Retrieval

Shamanic journeying is going into the unseen realms of Spirit looking for answers. Not unlike delving into a small hole or cavern, the possibilities are endless as to what I may find when I take the plunge into the Spirit world.

Sometimes I may not find what my clients were hoping for. But I will find what they need, according to Spirit. I am never in control of the journeys. I leave that up to my Spirit Guides.

I wanted to cover a few questions and answers about journeying and soul retrieval.

How do I know if I could benefit from a soul retrieval?

It is my opinion that almost all of us could benefit from a soul retrieval. We all live our lives on this earth. No one has lived in the perfect environment, with the perfect parents, the perfect situation their entire lives. Even if they had, their interpretation of that perfect life I am sure included some hurts and wounds to their soul.

As we grow as human beings and evolve in our journey to our self, sometimes pieces of our soul which were lost come back on their own. Sometimes we may have an "aha" moment and we will realize the truth of an experience that brought us pain. At that moment of revelation, the lost soul piece will come back. We may have been lied to from one parent about another. When I left my first husband, he convinced my daughter that I had abandoned her. I remember when my mom passed my daughter and I took a trip to Florida. She was looking at some old photo albums of her childhood, and I saw this look in her eye. She realized that I was not the neglectful mom she had perceived me to be. I believe at that moment a piece of her soul came back, without any ritual, without any drumming, without any shaman calling it back. 

However, sometimes the pieces are not so easy to find. We may not have noticed when they left. They may have been (unconsciously) stolen away from us by another person. We may  not remember the original event. In some cases, the soul loss may have not yet occurred. (Yes I once did a soul retrieval for a person and the pieces I got back she had  not lost yet.)

Why do soul retrievals cost so much?

Ha this is one I hear a lot.

When I first became acquainted with soul retrieval, and even to this day, I have not found a shaman or practitioner who will perform a soul retrieval for less than $200 and most charge more. I think it is because a shamanic practitioner pays a great deal for training and years of practice. Kind of like I guess why do doctors charge so much. The  other reason is that people tend to value things that cost them something. Bottom line, there is an exchange of energy. You will not benefit from a session which has cost you nothing. The exchange of energy is out of whack and the soul retrieval will not be as good as it could have been had the exchange of energy been more equal. My current fee is $100 and that is negotiable depending on the situation.
You can probably find students of shamanism who will perform soul retrievals for a reduced price or for free. Kind of like going to the beauty school for a haircut. You are paying for experience. I have some wonderful students who are now doing soul retrievals and I don't ask them what they charge.

I sometimes will do soul retrievals for a reduced price if Spirit leads me. I do not want someone to go around without their soul parts just because they cannot pay to get them back. Usually there is some sort of barter involved. I don't want the recipient to be indebted to me or to Spirit. 

Do I have to be in your presence to get my soul pieces back?

You will hear different information from different practitioners on this one. The woman who trained me taught me that absolutely you have to be in the person's presence. However, before I trained with her check her out here I had been doing soul retrievals on my own for friends, family, and friends of friends for several years free of charge for the most part. I had done some in person, but many I had done long distance, with verifiable results. I like to call myself the "no rules healer" in that I believe that there are no hard fast rules to anything. I recently did a soul retrieval for a client in Texas (I live in Virginia) and I blew her soul parts back into her body over the phone. Spirit does not live in time and space and so I am open to whatever my Guides tell me.

What will I feel after the soul retrieval?

Let me be the first to tell you that the after affects are as numerous as the stars in the sky.

Sometimes you feel nothing at first. A few weeks or months later you might notice that something that used to push your button no longer bothers you.

One of my clients lost twenty pounds immediately.

When my shaman teacher performed a soul retrieval on me, I swear that the grass was greener, the sky was bluer, the sun shone brighter.

When I got my soul back from Jesus, read about it here, I was an angry little bitch for at least two days.

I have had clients feel depressed for a period of time. Remember that when the soul left the body that piece of your soul left for a reason. Sometimes you will re-experience emotions that you were experiencing when you lost the soul piece to begin with.

I am always available to talk through with you the emotions you feel after the session is over. I recommend that you revisit the emotions you were feeling when the soul piece left. Welcome that part of yourself back into your body. Send him or her lots of love love love. Remind that part of yourself that the hurt is in the past and now things are better. Release with love any perpetrators or soul stealers. Accept the event as a part of your past but no longer necessary for your experience. 

Of course the ultimate goal is JOY. I want you to be in your body, with all your soul pieces intact, enjoying life on this earth realm in your body. When I discovered that I  had no where to go, no where to be, nothing to accomplish really except for JOY..I reclaimed a big piece of my soul which I had always projected into the future... someday, when this happens, I will be fulfilled...
When I brought that part of my soul back into my body and said, all I need to do is experience joy now... WOW. The pressure was off! I was free!

In no way am I suggesting you have to get a soul retrieval from ME. I want you to find the healer that connects best with your soul. However, if you would like to work with me, you can contact me HERE.

Blessings to you as you embark upon the most important adventure of your life, your journey to your soul.

Sunday, May 31, 2015

Full Moon in Sagittarius and Mercury Retrograde

Have you been feeling the affects of the Mercury Retrograde? We are about half way through now, with Mercury going direct on the 11th, but we may feel the affects of it for the most part of June. I know a lot of you, me included, don't really look forward to Mercury Retrograde. Communications and travel tend to be affected. That includes electronics and other communication devices.

Last year my hubby and I booked a trip to Cancun. I mistakenly didn't check the chart before booking the trip and the day of our trip was the first day of a Mercury Retrograde. We had some setbacks in our travels and some annoyances with communications with hotel personnel. We also had some issues with internet access. However, all in all, we had a wonderful trip and I came back with some amazing memories and probably the best vacation ever.

That being said, I still believe that for the most part, we create our reality. Yes sometimes the moon and the planets and the stars affect the things that come across our path. Yes, Mercury Retrograde brought some challenges our way, however hubby love and I overcame the challenges and had the best vacation of our lives!

Sometimes I think the Universe or Spirit sends us things like Mercury Retrograde so that we have the opportunity to take a step back from the hustle and bustle of life. Perhaps our electronics act up so that we will look up from our computers and our phones and our tablets and look at the life that is right in front of us. I like to leave my phone at the house when I go out for a walk or a run or to work out in the yard. I want to be completely present in whatever I am experiencing. Yes sometimes I like to have my phone around to capture a picture of what I am experiencing but how many times do we miss out on so much of life that is right in front of us because we are too busy checking our phones?

The full moon on Tuesday is calling on us to celebrate our lives. Think deeply about life and our purpose here at this time and this place. We have come to this time and this place for a purpose. The highly spiritual number 11 is playing a huge role in the stars and planets at this time. Look at the things that are going on in your life with the thoughts of the big picture. What is the higher purpose of those things that are going on in your life at this time. What signs and symbols are showing up in your dreams and in your everyday life?

If you choose to honor the full moon with a ritual, be sure to use the element of fire in your ritual. Sagittarius is a fire sign. You can honor the full moon by lighting a candle or dancing around a fire pit in your backyard. Meditate on those things that you are drawing into your life and thank Spirit for the power of the moon in your intentions.

Remember to set your stones and crystals outside. They love the power of the moon and you will find their energy restored as they bask in the glow of the moon!

Most of all, don't dread any stage of the moon or the planets. Our intentions and expectations play a big role in what we end up experiencing. If we expect to meet up with all the crazy people when it is a full moon, guess what will happen! If we expect to have communication mishaps and misunderstandings during a Mercury Retrograde, the Universe will not disappoint.

Let us honor the planets and the stars and the moon no matter what stage they are in. Yes, we are affected by the planets and the moon, but more importantly, our beliefs and our expectations affect our experiences day by day.

Expect to greet each morning with love and joy, and meet each new experience with the expectation of growth and evolution. We are here to enjoy our lives and to grow from our day by day experiences.

Saturday, May 30, 2015

The Labyrinth

Sometime last year I went to visit my good friend Hali. She is a labyrinth enthusiast, and has one in her yard. She and I have been friends for many years, but the idea to put one in my own backyard never crossed my mind until our last visit sometime last year. I had decided to walk her labyrinth and suddenly felt inspired. I knew it was not one of those projects you can start and complete in one day, and somehow this is a challenge for me. When I get inspired, it has to be done, and it has to be done right now! (here is my good friend Hali's BLOG)

My first job of course was to connect with the Spirit of the Land and ask permission to put a labyrinth in the yard and then to ask where the labyrinth wanted to be placed. I always ask permission of the land and any items that I use such as rocks,sticks, flowers, etc before taking it upon myself to start a project. I love flowers and sitting in the backyard. One of my favorite ongoing projects is my pond. 

Today my goal was to put some flowers in some pots in various places throughout the yard. I had asked each plant where it wanted to be placed and which pots they wanted to be in. I asked Spirit if there was anything in particular I should do. Spirit told me to make sure that everything was to be in threes. So I went about arranging the flower pots in groupings of three. I put three flowers in each pot.

 Three is the number of manifesting and is a high spiritual number. In Christianity there is the Trinity: Father, Son and Holy Ghost. We are made up of three parts: spirit, mind and body. Last night hubby love and I were watching a show that was talking about the constellation Orion and its significance and what I noticed was that there were three stars grouped together in a row. I am sure other belief systems also have three as a significant number. However, this was the message I received, so I went about honoring Spirit's request.

After I was done, I sat down to connect once again with Spirit and after awhile my gaze went over to the pile of rocks I had been collecting over in the part of the yard where I had been contemplating placing the labyrinth. I went online and got a pattern.

I had wanted to have the opening to the labyrinth in the east, but after a bit of contemplation, realized that if I did that the focal point would be facing away from the house, I realized that there were two trees that offered me the perfect opening to the labyrinth. I know that if you read directions on how to create a labyrinth, there is a somewhat complicated system for marking out the path with tape or string, but I began to use the power of my visualization and just began placing rocks.  I would walk the proposed path and move them accordingly, after asking if they wanted to be part of the project of course.

You can see the two trees which will be the beginning of the labyrinth and the two stones which will eventually be the center. I have called out to the labyrinth to show me what is to be in the center. 

Stay tuned as I will post pics on occasion as I make progress!

My goal is that the labyrinth be a place to connect with Spirit, however you may define that. Most of my neighbors are Christian, and of course I want them to feel welcome to walk the labyrinth and connect with Jesus. However, I honor all paths to the Divine, and I want any seeker who comes to visit to feel welcome to walk the labyrinth and connect with that Power that connects us all to the Bigger Picture. As long as LOVE is the focal point, I see no reason to draw lines of separation between us.

If you have rocks that have not yet found a purpose, ask them if they would like to be part of a spiritual project. If you live near me and feel that you have a rock that is asking to be part of this labyrinth, feel free to come over and place it in the labyrinth.

Let us all lay down the things that separate us and let us connect to Spirit in ways that give us joy and meaning. Let us honor one another and whatever ways we find to connect to Spirit, or to our own soul. We all spring from One Source, and we are all brothers and sisters walking the path to the center of our own soul.