Saturday, April 25, 2015

Messages from the Angels

A couple of years ago, some of my friends and I participated in a ritual where we invited a particular group of highly evolved Angels into our home for a period of five days, and then sent them on to one another in kind of like a chain letter for Angels. In the past couple of months, I had felt impressed to repeat the ritual. I had a particular person in mind who I wanted to send the Angels to, but I had not heard from him, an internet friend, in over a year. Lo and behold, a few days after I thought of sending him the Angels, he emailed me and asked me if he could now participate in the ritual.

I believe that Angels do not live in time and space like we do, and since I had sent him the Angels two years ago, but he had  not completed the ritual, I saw no reason why he could not go ahead and do the ritual now. He did and had an amazing experience.

I decided to repeat the ritual myself, and my husband agreed to participate.

As is common in the ritual, I felt the Angels a couple of days before the ritual was scheduled to begin. Once again, I do not believe Angels live in time and space, so having them come and go at particular days and times is for us, not for them.

I easily found three people who were excited to receive the Angels after my ritual was done.

One of my requests of the Angels was advice on how to juggle my three "careers": the Post Office, a wedding officiant, and giving and teaching Spiritual messages and principles. Of course my career of choice is the third, but to pay the bills I needed the other two.

Yesterday as I sat in my car on my lunch break at the Post Office, Spirit gave me what I believe is to be the first steps to that and one of my other requests.

One of them is to once again begin to blog regularly.

When I first starting posting messages from Spirit, I did it because I was receiving messages and the only way I knew to share them was to create a blog. It went really well for several years. A couple of years into the blog, I compiled some of my favorite messages from the blog and from Spirit and published them in what was to be my first book.

At that time I was working full time at the Post Office, and the messages were my way of reopening the door to communicating with Spirit which I had closed many years before. You can read my story HERE.

As time went on, I began to get some clients and I wanted to have more time to spend giving messages and doing spiritual work. I took a part time position at the Post Office and supplemented my income doing wedding ceremonies, delivering messages from Spirit and teaching spiritual classes.

Toward the end of last year, I was exhausted. I decided to go back to work full time at the Post Office and take a break from my "other" stuff.

Spirit had other plans.

My message for today is:

1: if you ask for help They will answer

2: all you really have to do is set an intention to connect or to receive guidance and They will come

3: "They" are really connected with that inner voice inside of you.

4: We are all one

I believe the reason the Angels come as soon as you set the intention to invite them in and they don't necessarily wait until the time you open the door and let them in is because "They" are really already with you as soon as you think it in your mind. I believe in the other realms every thought is a prayer and as soon as you ask for help or guidance or a visitation your prayer is heard and answered. The only thing that keeps us from experiencing "Them" is our own lack of belief and the barriers we build around ourselves.

We are all connected. You and I are connected as you read this and I am sitting outside of time and space writing it. Yes, I am currently in time and space and my hands are clicking away on the keys but when you read it I will actually be doing something else, thinking about something else. But you will read this and outside of time and space, you and I will connect. It is the same with the Angels, higher level "Help" or whatever you want to call that Higher Power that you call on when in your physical existence on this plane you need some assistance. When you think a thought of "I could use some assistance", immediately your thought is transmitted through time and space and help is sent out to you. So you and the "Help" are one.

Whenever you feel disconnected or worry that there is no "Help" available or that your prayers or thoughts are hitting the ceiling and bouncing right back down to you, don't despair. "Help" is on the way. It is immediate. It is as easy as you let it be.

Just believe it.

Expect a miracle.

Invite the Angels and They will come.

If you would like to receive the Angels into your home, and would like to participate in the ritual, I would love to send it to you. I did not make it up  myself. Yes it was one of those chain letters that probably came into your inbox at some point and you deleted it. But I decided to do it.

And the Angels came.

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

The Red Shoes

I don't know what it is about me and red shoes.

Somehow, they symbolize to me a sense of personal power. Of standing out in the crowd. Of not being afraid to be who you are. Of freedom.

When I was young I was that shy little girl standing off by herself in the corner, afraid to be seen, afraid to speak her truth, afraid of being different from everyone else, even though, in my heart, I already knew I was different. I did everything I could to fit in, to be just like everyone else. Except it didn't work.

I was like the ugly duckling in that old children's story. I was a baby swan living among ducks.

Not that there is anything wrong with being a duck.

I wanted to be a duck. I longed to be a duck.

As time went on, I grew more and more different from the crowd. I think at some point I realized that if I was going to be different, I might as well be really different.

From trying to fit in to determined to stand out, I began to challenge those around me to begin to think for themselves. I questioned all the established rules and regulations of the belief system that I had identified with for my entire life. It did not go over well.

My story can be found HERE.

Last night my hubby and I were watching a documentary on the evolution of thought revolving around the cure of cancer. I learned that the technology and the revelation of the leading scientists that are now right on the edge of a major breakthrough in the cure for cancer actually had been suggested by scientists way back at the beginning of the century but they did not have the technology or the knowledge of how to put into action their original findings into a workable antidote.

Sometimes those of us who choose to think outside of the box are only the forerunners for those who eventually share the revelations to the world.

My point?

Do you have something inside of you that is churning, burning inside of you that you are sure will change the world? Does it seem to be at odds with the collective thinking of the day? You are not alone! Many of  us have been in the position of being the person who is caught wearing red shoes in a sea of loafers!

Don't be afraid to stand out! Don't be afraid to throw caution to the wind, to stand up and reveal your true self to the world!

It may not go over well at first.

The original scientists who came up with ideas concerning a cure for cancer never got the recognition in their lifetime for the ideas that they presented.

Here's another suggestion... what if you are wrong?

I have struggled with this one myself...

This has been my conclusion..

So what!

Bottom line is, if you feel JOY, if you are not harming another living thing,  then Get out there and do and say and be what gives your heart JOY!

Let me warn you that others may or  may not share the joy you are feeling! Allow them the right to feel or not feel joy, as long as you are not harming them in any way, or taking away their right to choose their own path.

I have learned that our souls give us this sure fire way to know if something is right for us or not. When we decide to go ahead and do or think or say something that is right in line with our soul's purpose, we get this amazing feeling of JOY.

Just for today, think about what would give your heart JOY. Throw caution to the wind and PUT ON THOSE RED SHOES! 

I am embarking upon an adventure and I have decided to take my red high heel shoes with me. I am going to take some photos of those red shoes with things that have brought me joy.. whether it be sitting at the beach, watching a sunset, or riding with my feet hanging out the window blowing in the breeze!

My goal is to really really experience JOY. Whether I am doing something profound or just mundane. I choose to experience JOY in my life.

What about you? What would change in your life if your goal was to EXPERIENCE JOY?

The challenge is on.


PS...I found this image of the red shoes HERE. I am hoping all future pics of red shoes will be my own, but if I find one that I just can't NOT share, I will give proper credit..

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Becoming Your Own Hero!

What do you think of when you look at this photo?

Do you think, wow that takes a lot of practice, determination, and stamina to accomplish such a feat! You go girl!

Or, do you think, this photo is exploiting to women. Pole dancing is demeaning to women and contributes to low self esteem in women who do not look like this?

How dare she post a photo like this in a spiritual blog!

Was your first response to the photo positive or negative?

If it was positive, YAY YOU!!!

Today's post is all about letting go of judgement.

Sometimes we are so accustomed to passing judgement we don't even realize we are doing it. We see a photo or hear a song on the radio or see something on television that elicits a specific emotional response.

That emotional response is a clue to us on an area of our subconscious we need to work on. Anytime we feel a negative emotional response based on something we see, hear, feel, smell, or taste, there is a clue that we have an unresolved issue that was just triggered by that emotional response.

For example, if seeing a woman pole dancing brings up within us the thought that this woman is being sexually exploited, we are saying that there is something wrong with the act of sex, or a particular aspect of the act of sex. We are assuming the woman is not enjoying what she is doing. We are projecting our feelings onto someone else.

If, however, we can look at this photo and say... that's impressive.. or.... if I tried, I could do that, then we are looking at the photo without judgement. Truth be told, there is no real sexual implication in this photo whatsoever. 

What if we said, oh that makes people who are large feel bad about themselves.. it implies that everyone has to be thin to be acceptable.. 

Another judgement.

We are assuming that large people feel bad about themselves. We are perhaps internalizing something we feel about ourselves.

One way to get to the core issue is to ask ourselves why the emotional response was triggered in the first place.

For example, if we thought to ourselves, this is not a spiritual photo, how dare she post this on a spiritual blog?


Perhaps we think that there are specific rules about what is and is not acceptable.


Because showing a woman half clad upside down on a pole is not acceptable or spiritual.


Because if I tried to do this and present myself as a spiritual person I would not be accepted.


Because I allow certain rules of society to dictate to me what is and isn't spiritual.


Because I am afraid of being rejected.


Because I am afraid of not being loved.

If we reduce all of our judgements down to the core issue, almost every time we can reduce it to a fear of some kind, and especially, the fear of not being loved.

What if we circumvented the whole process and just decided that no matter what, we would decide to love ourselves and do what gives us joy?

How freeing that would be!

The next time you are tempted to judge, think about this.  WHY? Why do you feel this particular emotional response? Does it go back to something you were taught, something you experienced, something you were led to believe?

What about judging ourselves?

We do this every day.. I am not good enough. I am not smart enough, pretty enough, talented enough, young enough, old enough, thin enough,  I am not enough.

If this photo elicited a response that oh, I am not ..... enough, decide today to change that thought.

You are enough. You are completely loved. There is nothing to fear.

If we cease from judging, we become our own heros. We begin to create a utopia right here in our own skin.

Whether or not we can hang upside down on a pole half clad will not matter. We will honor the right for this girl to do it and feel wonderful about herself, to feel sexy, to feel accomplished, to feel joy. And we will feel joy about feeling good about ourselves no matter whether we can do a similar activity or not.

This is your assignment.

The next time you are tempted to judge someone or something, ask yourself why?

Get down to that core issue.

Let it go. Allow whatever sparked your judgement to go and just allow it to be.

Know you are loved. You are accepted.

You are your own hero.

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Dancing in the Fountain of Life!

 Lately I have taken some time off from blogging, marketing, marrying people, and offering my services to the public. At first it was not really a voluntary vacation.

I was exhausted. Working at the Post Office, getting up early, then seeing clients or writing blogs or marketing myself all afternoon was taking its toll. I was no longer enjoying myself.

Yes, every morning I would get up and on the way to work, I would send out love and light to everyone who came to mind, offering my services to Spirit to whomever needed my help, whether it was spiritual help or maybe just they forgot to put a stamp on their letter. I was babysitting grandchildren, seeing clients after work, teaching classes on weekends, or performing weddings.

One morning I got up and I said to Spirit (and I believe also to my husband): so sorry. I am not available to be of service. I am exhausted. I need a break.

Sometimes we who are in the business of helping others forget that we have come into this world not just to be of service. We are here to experience joy and enjoy life!

I have come to learn that when Spirit tells us we need a break we better listen. If we don't then Spirit will turn circumstances around so that the break we take is not voluntary. For years my back would go out when I was in need of a break. I would find myself lying in the bed for sometimes up to two weeks, and then recuperating for up to three months. One morning, the last time my back went out, I said to Spirit, "can't you find some other way to get me to slow down? This is painful and I don't like it!" That was the last time my back failed me. Since then it has been other things.

I am finally taking breaks now before Spirit has to do it for me.

The word for today is... go out and do something fun!

If you are in the position, like I am here in Virginia of finding yourself in a location where it is impossible to go dance through a fountain because it is 17 degrees outside, then find your own fun! Watch a movie! Take a bubble bath! Go the the gym! (my preferred method of fun!) I am even planning on adding a kickboxing class to my weekly routine. And yes, I moved around some clients to fit this in!

We don't have to always be available to be of service to Spirit!

Spirit knows me.

I have found myself in the position of being on the elliptical machine at the gym and finding a spirit watching me. Yes I took the time to help him. Yes, if Spirit needs me I am willing to help.

Our bodies are made to require sleep for a reason. We need time to recuperate. We need time to reboot.

I am feeling like Spirit is telling me that there are a lot of servants to Spirit out there who are exhausting themselves trying to give of themselves to the world and to Spirit and are not having fun anymore!

If you feel you are not having fun anymore, let me encourage you to take a break! 

When I stopped trying to make things happen and decided to just enjoy my life and allow Spirit to do my marketing, guess what! Clients starting finding me without all those hours of marketing.

Yes it is a wonderful thing to be of service to Spirit. Yes I love what I do! 

I love it even more now that I have started sleeping again and going to the gym!

Guess what! The world is going to continue to rotate around the sun. The sun will come up and go down again. Life does go on.

Get up and do something fun today. If the weather is not conducive to a romp through a fountain, find something else to do that will wash away your cares and reignite your joy. 

Life is meant to be enjoyed. If we can help others also find joy in their journey, then so much the better. But don't give away your joy to be of service to others. You can't give to others what you don't have.

Be a blessing. To yourself first and then to others.

Sunday, January 18, 2015


Have you felt like you have struggled to fulfill your purpose in life?

Maybe you are not even sure what that purpose is, or perhaps what you thought was your purpose has not materialized the way you envisioned.

You have perhaps felt like giving up. It seems much easier to just quit, to go back to whatever you were doing before you "heard the call."

The message I have heard from Spirit for this year is...

Don't quit!
This is your year to shine! 

It is time to let go of the struggle. It is time to get off the highway of.. this is hard, and instead, allow yourself to get in the flow of allowing those blessings and opportunities to manifest.

When we feel like it is hard to make something happen, that it is a lot of work, that progress is slow and difficult, then it will be!

Yes, last year it seemed like to me that I worked hard, that everything I tried to manifest came amidst a great deal of work and struggle.

This year, I decided to take a different approach.

I decided that I was just going to allow Spirit to do the work. 

Spirit told me that this year my "theme" for the year was SHINE.

That means, all I have to do is shine my light. I don't have to struggle to make sure that my light gets seen, or noticed. Yes, I have to market, but I don't have to spend hours in front of the computer learning about marketing, struggling to get my messages out there.

When you turn on a light, you don't have to plead with the light to shine. You don't have to cast out the darkness. You just have to flip the switch and trust that the light will shine.

This year, allow yourself to shine.