Monday, September 15, 2014

The Fool...

I'll be honest. I almost never draw this card.

This is the card of embarking upon a new adventure. The person in the picture is happy go lucky, excited at the possibility of a new day, a new life! He (or she) has his traveling bag containing all that he will need for his journey. Not a care in the world. He has no idea he is in danger of walking right off a cliff!

Luckily, when we draw this card, Spirit is taking the role of the small dog in the picture, warning us to watch where we are going, lest we fall!

This card is telling us that adventure awaits us! We have the world at our beck and call! The sun is shining. There is not a cloud in the sky. Everything we need to take the next step in our journey is at our disposal. The only warning is that we need to open our eyes so that we can see where we are going.

Many of us who embrace our spirituality don't like to face the fact that we do, in fact, live in a physical world. We have a mortgage, or rent. We have bills. We find it necessary to work for a living. We would rather meditate all the time and our bills just mysteriously get paid. Well, that may work on occasion, but I am here to tell you that you can sit and meditate all you want, and when you open your eyes, there is still a physical existence we have to be aware of! If we don't eat, we will die. Oh, I know there are monks who can meditate for months and stay alive, I know this is possible. It doesn't happen to the everyday Joe, however.

Even Jesus made his living as a carpenter, at least for a portion of his life. Many of us who do spiritual work find it necessary to have "day jobs." This card, to me, is saying, "yes, there is value in having a spiritual outlook on life. But keep your eyes open. Don't fall off the cliff while you are creating the life of your dreams."

Am I saying that you should not go after your dreams? Absolutely not!! Go for it! But keep your eyes open. Do the necessary work. Put feet to your prayers.

In this picture you will notice that there is no one in the picture intentionally trying to sabotage the "fool." He is the only one in the picture. It is his own absentmindedness that is causing him to be in danger of disaster.

Yes Yes Yes.... go for your dreams!! Be led by Spirit. But don't live in a dream world. Realize that you are living a physical existence in a physical world. Yes you are spirit. But you are also flesh and bone. Keep your eyes open. Watch where you are going. Spirit is there like the little dog to warn us when we are about to fall. Heed the warning.

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Friday, September 12, 2014

Messages from the Tarot... the Death Card

In my last post I hinted at the suggestion that I read the tarot a bit differently from the suggested, traditional meanings of the cards, although sometimes the traditional meanings are quite spot on.

I draw a card almost every day. The card I draw always has some sort of message for me. Sometimes I can't quite understand what it is trying to tell me right away, but usually by the end of the day I have gotten the message. Let me give you an example from this week.

Yup. You guessed it. This week I drew the death card.

I will admit, when I drew it, I was a little anxious at first. I know that normally the death card does not have to mean that someone is going to die, but sometimes it does. When I was in Florida last month at my father's bedside as he transitioned, I never once drew the death card, but my sister did, maybe a day or two before he passed. Obviously, the apparent meaning of this card is that some sort of death is going to occur. But what does that mean? Well, it could mean a physical death, but usually it means that some part of your life is ending and something new is ready to be born. Now that I am writing this blog about the death card, I keep noticing the priest praying and the sun behind him that is either coming up or setting. The other day when I drew this card I will have to say I never noticed the priest.

My biggest tip on reading the cards is this:

Notice what you notice!!

The other day when I drew the card what drew my attention was what to me looks like a woman lying on her back on the ground. This to me represents surrender. Spirit told me that day that it was time to surrender all my plans, my intentions, and my goals to the Universe. Be open to change. Don't be attached to an intended outcome. I had to be willing to put to death anything that I want and surrender my will to Divine Will. Not always easy.

We all have goals, dreams, aspirations. We all come into this world with a creative mind, heart, and imagination. It is our right and our duty to dream, and then to put feet on our dreams and work towards bringing them to pass. But there is that fine line between manifesting our dreams and being willing to surrender our plans to the will of Spirit.

I had done a reading for a client this week and part of the message was that if you find yourself beating and beating a door and it won't open, maybe it is time to look for another door. In other words, if you are trying and trying to manifest something and it just continues to allude you, maybe it is time to surrender your goal or dream to Spirit and be willing to change your plans and even do something different. Maybe the cards were telling me the other day that it was time to surrender my plans. Be open to a different outcome. Don't be too attached to what I want to occur.

Why would they put a priest praying on the death card? Is that sun coming up or going down? It could be either one. What do you think?

When my dad was on his death bed, a minister came to pray. Well, actually  more than one minister came. Probably the priest showed up on this card because he had come to deliver "last rites."  Why did I not notice it until today? Must mean something.

The first time my dad's minister came to pray for him I left the room, but from outside the door I seemed to be hearing him compelling dad to wake up. I understand. Jesus commanded Lazarus and he rose up. This minister loved my dad. He believed that dad could be healed.

Not that I don't believe that dad could be healed. I used to believe that I could command things to happen in the Spirit world and they would happen. And sometimes they did.

Now I take a bit of a different view. 

I still believe in miracles. But I am more inclined to surrender my will to Divine Will. So I suggested to the minister that we just pray for whatever was best for dad's soul at this point in his journey. I figured if he wanted to pass I didn't want anyone's prayers getting in the way. After all, I do believe in the power of prayer. Sometimes I believe it is possible to pray and for things to happen that are not necessarily in our best interests. I was not sure if dad wanted to stay or go at this point. I just wanted what dad wanted. And what was best for him.

Have you been praying or setting intentions or saying positive affirmations for something that just has seemed like it was not happening?

Maybe today's message is that it is time to surrender your will to Divine Will. Be open to change. Be willing to change your plans or reset your intentions in a different direction. Ask for Divine Guidance.

You know, it is said that when Lazarus died, his sister had called for Jesus four days before and Jesus didn't come. Jesus apparently waited until Lazarus died before he came. Why? Would it not have been easier to heal a living Lazarus than to raise a dead one?

We don't always know what is best.

If something in your life is not working, maybe something greater is being born. Sometimes you have to let something die in order to birth something else.

It is okay to grieve over what is dying.

At some point, though, you just have to get up and go on living.

Whatever in your life is not working, I encourage you today to let it die a good death. Grieve, if you must. But after you have grieved for awhile, look yourself in the mirror and say, "okay, it is time to get up now and go on living." Allow whatever is ready to be born to come.

Remember that nothing really dies anyway. It just changes form.

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Tuesday, September 9, 2014

9-9 Thoughts from the Tarot- the Hermit

Today is September 9th. The energy of the full moon is still upon us, and I woke this morning, as I do every morning, at 5 am to prepare to go to work at my part time job at the Post Office. I was thinking about the nines, which in numerology represent endings, completions, and being of service to others. In the tarot the nine card is the hermit, which represents withdrawal and going within to find wisdom.

One of my rituals which I began years ago when I first began studying the tarot, is to draw a card every morning and think about it, look for signs of its meaning in my day, or perhaps see it in someone who I happen to come across in my journey through my day. This morning, I drew this card, the four of cups:

Now some interpret this card to mean withdrawal, being closed off, since the man is sitting with his arms crossed and seemingly ignoring a gift from the Universe. Not me. Every time I get this card, the Universe is telling me that He/She has a gift for me, if only I will take some time to sit and meditate. I like to think that this card and the Hermit card are closely related, because in both cards the underlying message is that there is wisdom to be found from going within oneself and opening up to the wisdom that comes only from quiet contemplation. Cups specifically have to do with relationship, and to me, the relationship to Spirit is the most important one we can have. Sometimes it is so easy to get busy with all the things that life throws our way, or our own agendas and schedules and "to do" lists that we don't take time to connect with Spirit and see what wisdom might come from just sitting quietly and allowing inspiration to come.

The four of cups remind me of the story of the Buddha, who sat underneath a tree until enlightenment came to him. Sometimes the sitting is the hardest part! I tend to fall asleep, or think of everything I need to do, or I am reminded that the fish have not been fed, the laundry has not been done, or some other really important detail that up until now had not entered my mind.

So today I sat. I released each thought as it came to my mind. There will be time to do the laundry. There will be time to write this blog, send out that email, go for a run, and write that wedding ceremony. Right now I am sitting.

The gift the Universe gave me was the knowledge that good things come to those that wait. The day to begin something new is not today. Today is a day to quietly contemplate. To surrender all my plans and ideas to the Universe and be okay with whatever occurs.

Just for today, I encourage you to spend some time in quiet contemplation. Allow the good to manifest in your life before you pick up and try to "make" things happen. Flowers do not bloom before their time. There is a time and a season for everything. If you have tried and tried to manifest something and the answer seems to be just ahead of you, just out of your reach, may I encourage you to take a break. Stop and sit underneath your tree, whatever that means for you, and wait. The Universe is always on time; never early, never late.

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Monday, September 8, 2014

I'm Back!! And Thoughts About the Full Moon

My last blog was almost a month ago. I wrote about my trip to Florida and my dad, who had taken a fall and was in the hospital. At the time we were not sure if he would stay here or go on to his next adventure.

I was in Florida for the biggest part of the month, sitting by his bedside until he took his last breath.

It was interesting how the Universe works things out. There was relatively little scheduling conflicts. A few little lost emails and I seemed to have very few hiccups to work out.

Dad sent me a song on the radio to let me know that "everything is going to be all right."

There were tears. I am not a person who cries much, really, so the tears were a little hard for me to take. But grief is a natural function of our humanness, so I allowed it to flow freely, for awhile. And then I picked myself up by the shoestrings, so to speak, and rose up and said to myself, "okay, it's time to go back to living now."

So I thought that this full moon was the perfect time to jump back in with a message from Spirit.

The message is... sometimes we think that the world is just going to stop. It won't. The moon will continue to wax and wane. The rain will fall. The sun will shine. The flowers will bloom and then they will fade. Life goes on whether we are ready or not.

Our lives are made up of moments. I think back on the moments that reflect my relationship to dad. Most of them are fond memories. Some more than others. Watching him struggle to take his last breaths are not the moments that I like to think of fondly, but those moments too are part of the whole of my experience with my dad. We have to take the good with the not so good.

I think it is all about acceptance. Sure there are some experiences in life that I choose to reflect on over and over with fondness. And there are others that are not so fond. But the sun and the moon continue their trek across the sky. I breathe in. I breathe out. And life goes on.

Full moons are all about manifesting. And celebrating what we have already manifested into our lives. When the new moon came in August I was preparing to leave Florida and come back home. It was a perfect symbol of leaving the past behind and starting anew. Sometimes the moon is there to whisper its song to us, " it is time to start again. It is time to rise again."

And then eventually it shines in all its glory. And then, once again, it begins to wane again.

Life is all about cycles. I am in the place now where I seem to know that time is not linear. It doesn't start at one point and go in a straight line into some point in the future. Many thought a couple of years ago that the Mayan calendar was indicating an end, like a point in time when everything stopped. But we got up the next day, we went to work, and life went on. However, I can say that on some level, it could have been the end of a cycle.

In the course of our lives, we will experience many such cycles. Something will end, and something else will be born in its place. Life will go on, in some form.

Just for today, let us celebrate all that has been born into our lives. Yes, sometimes something has to go away in order for something new to come. It is okay to grieve over what is going away, but don't let your grief last too long. Something new is waiting to be born.

Sunday, August 10, 2014

The Man Who Prayed Away Hurricanes

Many of you know that my eighty five year old dad recently took a bad fall. Off I went to Florida from my home in Virginia to be with dad and my sister.

On the way down I connected with my dad' s soul. My sister told me that he was in and out of awareness. I felt that dad was spending some time going back and forth between this side and the other side, and was having to choose between staying and going.

I tried to think of anything that might make dad think he had any unfinished business. I told him that the house was taken care of. I told him that Darlene and I would take up the mantle of praying away hurricanes (yes he was quite gifted in that).

I told him that whatever he decided was fine with us.

Dad always prayed blessings on us each time we talked and he usually said the same exact words:

You are crowned with God's glory and honor and every earthly blessing. You are surrounded with goodness and mercy. You are blessed in every way.

I said the blessing over him and gave him a kiss.

Who knows. Maybe he is not yet ready to give up the mantle of praying away hurricanes. He is a man who has fought death and won many times over.

What is your legacy?

When you come to the end of your life, what will people say about you? You may not pray away hurricanes. Maybe you are a really great mom. Maybe you are an amazing cook.

When we come to the time in our life when death comes calling, it will not matter how many likes your Facebook page had or who you knew or how much was in your bank account. What will matter is how many people you touched with love.

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Day Six... This Book Changed My Life!

If you are just beginning to read my blog, the whole month of August I am  participating in a blog challenge from Amethyst Mahoney and her group .. Spiritual Badasses.. You can find a link for it HERE.

Every day she sends a suggested topic, and we can choose whether to blog about the suggested topic or come up with one of our own. So far I have pretty much stayed on topic.

Today's topic is books. What books inspire me, or I can share about my books and why someone should want to read them.

Let's start with books that inspire me.

I have a very  long relationship with books. When I was small, my mother was always challenged to find me another book to read. I read all the time. I read instead of going outside to play. Looking back, I am pretty sure I was an adult in a child's body.
 One of the things she did was sign up for Reader's Digest Book of the Month. Usually the book that came had an abridged version of three or four books. I read them all.

Of course, being brought up Born Again Christian, the Bible was always a book I dutifully read. Over and over. Even the boring parts.

But there was one book that completely changed my life.

Here is a short version of what happened. (you can find the longer version HERE.)

I was attending a Charismatic Born Again Church. There was a woman in the church who did "inner healing." I began to go to her on a semi-regular basis. This woman was amazing. She used some really unorthodox methods for her practices. We did regressions, we did anger therapy, we did dream therapy. She would assign me books to read. Some of the books were Christian, and some not so much.

Are you chomping at the bit yet to find out what book changed my life? Not yet? Okay. A little more information.

Okay, so, one of the books she assigned me to read was Louise Hay's You Can Heal Your Life.


This is it. This is the book that changed my life.

If I was stranded on a desert island with only one book, this is the one I would take with me.

Why? Because if you believe everything in this book, you will find a way off that island.

At first my little born again Christian brain did not fully latch on to all the principles in this book. I was a slow learner. I had to chew on some of the principles. But now this is my Bible. I have given away more copies of this book than any other book, other than the ones I have written myself.

Okay, so here is the fun part of this story.

I was dirt poor. Yes, I worked at the Post Office. However, due to some REALLY  bad decisions, I never had any money. My bills were always late. So I would go down to the local Books a Million and go to the Self Help section of the store and pull a book down that looked good and sit there on one of their very comfortable chairs and read the book, and then put it back.

Guess what happened.

Eventually things changed.

Now I am writing my own books.

I guess my point to this story is that if you want to change bad enough, there is a way to do it.

Yes, I could have used today's theme to plug my own book. (okay, so if you are really interested, HERE
is a link. I think my books are amazing!)

But what I really want you to do is look within yourself and ask your soul, what do YOU need? If you need to read some messages from Spirit, or you want to read an AMAZING story of how this super conservative Born Again Christian began to receive messages from the Spirit world and how she overcame her prejudices and upbringing to finally answer the call, then you need to read MY book..

But if you need healing in your soul, or you need to find out why that nasty cold just won't go away, or why you keep having car accidents, then you need to read YOU CAN HEAL YOUR LIFE. If you need to overcome shame, then I recommend HEALING THE SHAME THAT BINDS YOU by John Bradshaw.

Here is my recommendation. Go to the bookstore. This might be hard if you shop online, but maybe not. Stand in front of the SELF HELP section or the METAPHYSICAL section or even the SPIRITUALITY section. Then just look and see what jumps out at you. I have had books actually jump off the shelf and land on the floor in front of me. Talk about a message from Spirit.

Your life will change. 
When you change your mind, you change your life.

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Day Five.. the Bucket List

This morning I got up at my usual 5 a.m. to get ready for my day, and I wanted to glance at the suggested topic for the day so that while I was working at my part time job at the Post Office I could contemplate how I would approach today's blog.

So there were two suggested topics... one was... talk about your bucket list.. what do you just HAVE to do before you kick the bucket? ... and ... the other one was... what is on your vision board?

Well, since I don't have a vision board... Yikes!! did I just admit that to the world.. that I, a spiritual seeker, teacher, messenger for Spirit... I, who have actually taught a class on vision boards.. don't have a vision board?

Oh so I guess I am stuck with the other topic... what is on my bucket list?

Several years ago when I found myself in transition from a life that revolved around my chosen branch of organized religion and also in transition from my first husband, I actually did come up with a bucket list. On my list was everything that I had been taught all my life was a sin or at least not allowed.. or not a good idea if you were to present yourself to the world as a Christian.


I got a tattoo.
I got multiple piercings in my ears.
I got severely, tremendously, laying on the sidewalk outside of my girlfriend's apartment drunk.
I got intimate with someone that I was not married to...
I attended a new age church.
I got a reading from a psychic.

These things, although now looking back, are very mild and bordering on boring, were life changing for me.

I will admit that there were a couple of things on my bucket list I never got around to...

I never did smoke marajuana.
I never made it to Sedona Arizona.


No, I wouldn't say that.

But the other stuff I have always wanted to do or see or visit I am either doing now or have done.

I love that I am doing my spiritual work and helping others on a regular basis. When someone says to me, "your words changed my life, (which, by the way, or not my words, just words given to me by Spirit.. I am a pretty good repeater), that makes my heart leap for joy!

I love teaching classes on various spiritual subjects.

I love meeting new people in all kinds of various places and under different circumstances.

I love learning about various belief systems and adding them to the cosmic soup I live by.

So, you ask me, have you added anything to your list?

Hmmm.. I think I would still like to visit Sedona Arizona some day.

I would like to meet a real, honest to goodness shaman in some remote tribe somewhere sometime. 

My husband says that when I visit Sedona or I meet a real shaman that I may be disappointed. Sometimes the fantasy is better than the real thing.

He said that also about our recent trip to the Mayan ruins. 

I guess you could say visiting the Mayan ruins was on my bucket list. I had a picture on my refrigerator for, oh, about seven years or so. This year we went. 

No I was not disappointed. It was amazing. Spirit gave us the best tour guide. He was incredible! We went with a tour group called Go Mexico..(I highly recommend them!) He was telling us to feel the vibrations of the pyramids and talking about energy and stuff like that. ..hmm.. come to think of it, maybe he was the shaman I have been wanting to meet. Shamans come in regular people's clothing now....

Is it time to update my bucket list? I don't know. I am pretty content with my life. Sure I would like to one day leave the Post Office and just do my spiritual stuff for a living. But whether or not that ever happens... I am content. Life is good.

What is on your bucket list? I would love to hear from you! Feel free to comment and share!